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  • Connect with like-minded women and have opportunities to engage in authentic ways
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  • Our digital community to connect with like-minded women
  • Weekly devotional reflections and prompts
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  • Library of fun lifestyle resources
  • Opportunities to engage in authentic ways
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Ruth Chou Simons is a Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning author of several books and Bible studies, including GraceLaced, Beholding and Becoming, and When Strivings Cease. She is an artist, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker, using each of these platforms to spiritually sow the Word of God into people’s hearts. Through her online shoppe at GraceLaced.com and her social media community, Simons shares her journey of God’s grace intersecting daily life with word and art. Ruth and her husband, Troy, are grateful parents to six boys—their greatest adventure.                                                          

GraceLaced Co. is an art and lifestyle brand that exists to adorn the gospel through collectible, meaningful, and truth-filled products based on the written and painted work of its founder, author, and artist, Ruth Chou Simons. What began in 2007 as a blog with the simple desire to find God’s grace laced through everyday life, launched as GraceLaced Co. in 2013 and quickly became a multi-faceted company rooted in ministry. GraceLaced has since grown into a trusted leader for inspirational art and a source of beauty and truth in the Christian retail space around the world, all while remaining a small team of dedicated and creative men and women, led by Ruth and Troy Simons.